What Should You Know Before Setting Up School Security Cameras

What Should You Know Before Setting Up School Security Cameras


School security cameras provide a vital service in ensuring that children are safe. However, the responsibility of the security camera is not just to alert parents if something might go wrong; they are also required to provide evidence in case a crime should occur. In addition to that, school security cameras should also identify the immediate area where an attack might occur to conduct a thorough rough investigation.

What You Should Know Before Setting Up School Security Cameras

Before installing your school's security cameras, you should know the requirements to ensure that your system will work effectively and efficiently.

1. Knowing the Level of Security Needed:

Find out what kind of security your school needs before purchasing cameras. One must customize the security system to fit your campus.

2. Amount of Footage Needed:

Nowadays, technology requires more footage than before. It is recommended that 30 feet of video footage be available to those who want to record the entire day's events. The higher the number of feet, the higher the resolution quality.

3. Recording Resolution:

For quality and clarity, you should find out how clear and sharp the images will be before setting up your cameras. Resolution depends on the number of pixels in each image. The higher the number, the clearer and sharper your images will be.

4. Knowing where to Place the Cameras:

Location is essential. For example, if a camera is set up in front of a building, it can easily be seen by everyone passing by. It would be best if you also considered setting a camera in hallways and classes because cameras are more effective when placed in areas with high traffic to cover more areas.

5. Know the Period:

Setting picture recording at the right time is also essential. You should avoid filming at night to minimize clutter and speed up the transfer of pictures to your computer. Some school districts have cameras that automatically acquire pictures when leaving and entering classrooms, so you don't have to go through the hassle of setting it manually every day.


School safety is essential. Installing a camera setup for your school will help to ensure that children remain safe and are protected. Having a camera in your school will not only help you have evidence in case something goes wrong, but it can also provide essential information regarding the incident that took place. Harden Communications helps school districts, cities, and companies with their video and audio communication needs. Harden Communications has been in business for over 30 years and prides itself on providing the best possible service at the lowest possible price to its clients.