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Harden Communications?

In Colorado’s current high-tech business climate, choosing a phone system for your business is not as easy as it once was. And it can be a challenge to decide which security measures are best for your home and business.

Enter Jeff Harden. He has worked in the cabling, telephone and surveillance industry for 30 years and has a pulse on the communication needs of todays businesses. Call Harden for your communication, office system and security camera needs!

Structured Cabling


Hikvision CCTV Security Cameras


Avaya IP Office Sales & Support


Structured Cabling

For modern businesses to run smoothly, they require networks that can handle voice, data, and video demands. Old school wiring is messy and makes upgrading complicated. Structured cabling is a better solution for businesses that want to keep up with technological progress. Structured cabling keeps all wiring neat and organized, which makes upgrading and troubleshooting problems a breeze.

Don’t let your wiring succumb to an out-of-sight-out-of-mind attitude. Switch to an easier, more efficient structured cabling system for a reliable and lightning-fast network. And let Harden Communications help you do it.

Avaya IP Office

Determining the type of phone and communications system that will best serve your business objectives can be a challenge. Businesses now have access to features like remote access, voicemail to email, video conferencing options, cloud-based vs. on-site data storage, or mobile access. Phone systems are leaner and meaner than ever beforeand yet more affordable and easier to maintain.

Harden Communications has partnered with Avaya IP Office to provide the latest communications technology to suit your unique needs. Contact Harden for help finding the best option for your business.

Hikvision CCTV Security Cameras

Whether you are a business owner or a homeowner, you have assets that are worth protecting, and Harden Communications wants to help you do that. We partner with Hikvision CCTV security cameras because we want to deliver only the best and more reliable security solutions available. Let us help you keep unwanted activity far away from the things you care about and swap you for peace of mind.


We are always available to assist you with advice, installation or programming changes, troubleshooting, or in-person assistance. Let us know how we can help!

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