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If уоu’rе lооking fоr nеw business phone systems in Denver CO, thеrе аrе ѕеvеrаl questions уоu nееd tо answer first.

Office Phone Systems for your Denver or Front Range Business

Today in the current high-tech Colorado business climate, determining the type of phone and communications system that will best serve your business objectives is not as easy as it used to be. In the past, the question could be answered primarily by how many seats in your office you would like to equip with a telephone. Considerations such as remote access, voicemail to email, video conferencing options, cloud based vs. on site data storage, or mobile access did not exist. Phone systems are leaner and meaner than they have ever been, and since the technology is maturing, they are also more affordable and easier to operate and maintain.

Traditional Phone Service (Analog) or IP Phone Service (VoIP)?

Harden Communications has been providing both analog and IP solutions to Colorado businesses for years and has the experience to help you to determine which option is the best for your situation.

Analog Phone Systems: Although analog may be considered antiquated in some circles, they might be perfectly adequate for certain small businesses that do not rely heavily on telecommunications. If workers operate exclusively from within the office walls and only need features such as hold, mute, message forwarding, transferring and storing voicemail, then analog may be your simple solution. Most offices are hard wired for analog service and some may not have the necessary accommodations for an IP system, such as high-speed internet. Analog phone systems are hardware-based and cannot be serviced remotely. Maintenance costs should also be a consideration when selecting phone services for the long term. Harden Communications provides analog phone systems and service and can help you with your analog phone system questions.

IP (Internet Protocol or VoIP) Phone Systems: Harden Communications is well versed in IP solutions and recommends Avaya IP Office, also known as Avaya 500. To learn more about Avaya IP Office, please visit our Avaya IP Office page HERE.

IP phone systems run on software and require a reliable high-speed internet connection. If your office does not currently have the resources to support an IP phone system, Harden Communications can provide office cabling service, connect you with high speed internet, and help navigate the migration from analog to IP. Although a high-speed internet connection is required to support IP office phone systems, there are built in safeguards to protect you in the case of an internet outage.

Using the software, IP phones are programmed to determine features, number of users, data storage, remote access, video conferencing, mobile access and more. Although these systems have incredible functions, set up and trouble-shooting are easy for any office administrator or IT personnel. Issues can usually be resolved in just moments, rather than having to wait days for a service representative to visit the office site. Harden Communications is always available to offer technical support if needed.


To learn more about phone system options in the Denver or Front Range area, Please call Harden Communications for a free consultation at (303) 668-5150

In today’s hyper competitive business environment where associates, colleagues and customers expect immediate communication, the flexibility of an IP phone system is ideal. If you are considering adding lines or upgrading your analog phone system, it might be time to consider making the switch to IP (also known as VoIP.)

Many of the old concerns with VoIP such as sound quality, lost calls due to an internet outage, or dropped calls have all been remedied with new technology. A mobile workforce, where people work remotely or are engaged after work hours require the features included in IP phone technology.

When you consider the convenience of a single integrated phone system that can manage all of your communications needs, from remote access, voicemail to email, and video conferencing, the cost savings and increased productivity can be substantial. It is possible that your cost may actually be less using a hosted IP communications system and most IP phone system installations require minimal up-front costs.

Harden Communications is a certified partner of Avaya IP Office, AKA Avaya 500. Avaya IP Office is regarded as the top provider or IP communications for small and medium sized businesses.

For a conversation about what is the best option for your business and a free phone system audit, call Harden Communications at 303-668-5150

Free Telecom Bill Audit

Telecom services account for a significant portion of business operating expenses. Due to the lightning speed changes in telecom technology and services, pricing and taxation structures can be volatile. Aside from changing telecom pricing, it is likely that your business has intermittent changes in usage. You may also be paying extra for features that you don’t use, or you may be overpaying for services that you need. It is also conceivable that you are in an optimal situation and no improvements are currently available.

Harden Communications, Inc. is constantly on the pulse of new product and service developments, promotions, and changes in rates and tariffs that affect businesses. We also work with most carriers and can work on your behalf to get the best value.

Upon evaluation of your phone bill, we will go over our findings with you and will present you with options and will discuss whether action and negotiation with carriers would be to your advantage. No action will be taken without your authorization. It may be important for you to have a full understanding of any discrepancies with your service and pricing prior to making any changes or adjustments. We will educate you on the situation that is specific to your business and can even help set up safeguards or scheduled future audits so you can remain confident that you are not losing money through your telecommunications system.

Some businesses allocate this time-consuming responsibility to in-house accounting staff. Aside from being time consuming, in-house telecom audits may be inherently disadvantaged due to lack of industry knowledge including products and developments, promotions, taxes or even telecom mergers. There are many factors to consider in a telecom audit and Harden Communications, Inc. recommends that businesses consider having this service professionally managed.


In most cases, there are at least a few cost saving measures a business can take with regards to telecom. Harden Communications, Inc. offers solutions in many cases but not in every case. In the cases where we can provide solutions, then we hope to earn that business. In cases where we do not have an immediate solution or improvement, we still hope to earn that business possibly down the road. We know we will not leverage business with every audit, but we are a growing company and value any opportunity to build a relationship and to consult with other Colorado companies.

If you are interested in a free telecom audit please click HERE and provide your contact information and a note. You may also call Harden Communications, Inc. at (303) 668-5150.

Today’s communications features associated with VoIP combines numerous business features formerly unavailable on a single platform. Features include instant messaging, video conferencing, mobility, as well as presence аnd collaboration capabilities integrated into a seamless business communications environment.

Integrated audio, video conferencing and cloud data storage are convenient and eliminate the need for third-party services. Unified communications systems integrate with other web based business applications, allowing for increased productivity аnd convenience.

CRM integration: Phone calls can be placed directly through Salesforce оr Microsoft Outlook.


Unified communications allow workers unprecedented mobility and access.  Business associates easily stay in touch and remain productive, regardless of location. Workers can utilize laptops and smartphones remotely with no restrictions.

Administrative phone maintenance (including adding lines and features) is easily conducted from your web browser. Our phone systems require minimal training for users and administrators. Although you may never need to call for service, Harden Communications is your office communications partner and can attend to any question or issue.

Whаt is the investment for new business phone systems in Denver CO?

Lооk fоr IP new business phone systems in Denver COthаt will deliver a lоw total cost оf ownership (TCO).

TCO iѕ a measure оf whаt thе technology costs tо own.

Fоr UC, thеѕе costs include capital expenses, implementation аnd training, systems management, аnd network аnd lоng distance charges. Choose аn IP phone system thаt will reduce thеѕе tangible costs.

Tаkе it fоr a test drive аnd check customer references.

Thе bеѕt wау tо evaluate IP business telephone systems in Denver, iѕ tо асtuаllу uѕе thе product.

Bring thе phone system in-house fоr a test drive, аnd ѕее if thе products live uр tо thеir marketing claims frоm bоth a user аnd аn IT manager perspective.

Bе ѕurе tо check customer references аnd find оut hоw happy thеу аrе with thеir purchase.

In thе еrа оf social media, it’s gоttеn a lot easier tо gеt a pulse оn rеаl customers’ perceptions.

Aѕk сurrеnt customers if thеу wоuld buy thе system again, whаt thеir costs аrе rеаllу like, аnd hоw easy thе system iѕ tо manage.