Businesses Should Be Aware of These Network Cabling Issues

Businesses Should Be Aware of These Network Cabling Issues

In the tech world, sheaths, cables, and connectors are highly relevant. Many businesses today are data-driven, making structured cabling an integral part of any organization. A well-laid cabling system plays a critical role in data transfer in devices and helps bring some sense of organization to the workplace. On the other hand, poor cable installation or management can be a disastrous affair for any business.

How poor cabling affects your business

Decreased productivity

A business with a poorly structured cabling system will face many challenges in its daily operations. So much time goes into diagnosing and resolving cable-related problems. Also, much money is spent in the long run replacing faulty and damaged cables.

A business that regularly encounters broadband outages and slow internet connectivity will have reduced annual output. Moreover, the business will have an inefficient inventory management system and supply chain. The ultimate disadvantage of having a poor cabling system is that it could affect the service rendered to your customers, leading to a decline in sales.

Common cabling problems


You will likely encounter cabling problems when you fail to match the appropriate type of cabling with your location. For example, cables that run through noisy factories should feature some special shield to prevent external interference. Besides that, an office layout determines what type of cabling to adopt for your business. A cubicle office will have a different cabling structure from an open floor office.

Poorly labeled cables

Periodically a business is scheduled to undertake cabling maintenance to ensure its operations run without any glitches. During these routine maintenance checks, it's possible to have several new parts fitted into the old cabling system. At this juncture, if proper labeling is not done, there would be a crazy mix-up of cables, and it would take longer to identify and resolve any arising issues.

Mix-matching components​

Patch cords are a major culprit when it comes to mix-matching components. They act as links between two electronic devices in a network. Poor quality patch cords will reduce the data- transmission rate affecting your overall network performance.

Using outdated cabling

Using outdated cabling is the reason you experience problems with your networks' speed and functionality. Outdated cables cannot keep up with high speeds and frequencies as they should, making them less reliable for businesses handling bulky data.

Using wrong cabling

To many of us, all cables look the same, and it may be challenging to distinguish cables in terms of quality. The use of poor-quality cables often results in cabling malfunction. They not only bring about connectivity issues but also compromise your safety standards.

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