Potential Reasons for Security Camera Video Loss or Cable Failure

Potential Reasons for Security Camera Video Loss or Cable Failure

There are endless reasons why your security camera video may have gone missing or why your cables may have failed. This guide will provide you with some potential reasons why this may have occurred so that you can take the necessary steps to rectify the issue.

Broken Cables

Broken cables can be caused by several things, such as animals chewing on the cables, high winds or severe weather conditions causing physical damage to the cables, vandals or criminals cutting the cables, or simply old age and wear and tear.

If you suspect that your cables may be broken, the first thing you should do is visually inspect them for any signs of damage. If you cannot see any damage, you can try gently tugging on the cables to see if there are any loose sections.

Incompatible or Faulty Equipment

If you are using incompatible or faulty equipment, this can also cause your security camera video to be lost. Incompatible equipment can include using the wrong cable type for your cameras or using lower-quality cables.

Faulty equipment can include anything from damaged cables to malfunctioning cameras or DVRs. If you suspect that any of your equipment is faulty, you should contact the manufacturer to see if they can provide you with a replacement or repair.

<3>Incorrect Installation

If your security cameras are not installed correctly, this can also lead to video loss. Incorrect installation can include using the wrong type of mounting bracket, not properly securing the cables, or not connecting the cables correctly.

If you are unsure how to install your security camera system correctly, it is best to consult with a professional or the manufacturer of your equipment.

Power Issues

Another potential reason your security camera video may have been lost is power issues. Power issues can include a power outage, a tripped circuit breaker, or loose connections.

If you suspect that a power issue is the cause of your video loss, you should check to see if there is power to your camera system. You can check the power indicator light on your cameras or DVR. You should also check to see any loose connections between your equipment and the power source.​

There are many potential reasons why your security camera video may have been lost. If you have ruled out all of the potential causes listed above and your security camera video is still missing, it is best to consult with Harden Communications. We are seasoned professionals and experienced in the field of security camera systems and cabling. We will be able to provide you with expert advice and will troubleshoot your system to determine the root cause of the issue.