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Jeff Harden is a Colorado native and has worked in the cabling, communications, and surveillance industry for 30 years. He has wired and set up communications for businesses from The Colorado Convention Center to home based offices. Because he had achieved customer loyalty and had a knack for retaining business, he started Harden Communications in 2014.

He continues to work in the field daily and loves the interaction with his customers and the problem-solving that his work demands. Harden Communications looks forward to helping you with your cabling, Avaya IP Office, and CCTV security camera needs. Call Harden Communications for a free consultation today at (303) 668-5150.

Avaya IP Office Systems

Regardless of the type of business, technology now makes phone systems formerly available only to large businesses with hefty budgets now affordable to all Denver and Front Range companies. Although simple business models might prefer traditional PBX landline phone systems, many companies are choosing more sophisticated communications systems that are scalable and include a lot of features. These systems include digital, IP, VoiP, and cloud-based solutions. Features include the integration of phone, voicemail, email, video conferencing, wi-fi, as well as mobile and remote access. At Harden Communications, we aim to provide you with only the best, most reliable solutions. Which is why we work specifically with Avaya IP office systems.

How Do You Know if it is Better to Repair Your Existing System or to Replace It?

Harden Communications retains its good reputation and customer loyalty by helping you find the best solution for YOUR company, not ours. Whether we are adding a single line to an existing system, replacing a phone, or cabling and providing a brand-new phone system, we treat every situation with courtesy and professionalism. We will take the time to understand your business and recommend the best possible solution keeping in mind budget and functionality as it pertains to your business and its communication demands. Hosted phone systems are the best option for some businesses and on-premise data solutions are the preference of others.

Fiber Optic Internet was recently acknowledged by the Denver mayor and is set to be implemented in the city's most valued public resources

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Cabling is the foundation on which to build your communications system. Oftentimes phone systems and camera security systems share the same cable requirements. The type of cabling depends on the type of system used. Many new offices are already cable equipped for the most modern systems available, however it may be necessary to add cabling that supports your business needs if you are moving from a traditional landline to a digital, VoiP or cloud based set-up. Harden Communications supplies cabling services for new builds as well as existing offices.

Harden Communications installs, repairs and supports a variety of cabling formats. They range from structured cabling, data cabling, and traditional phone wiring. The types of cables vary depending on your business needs and each has specific attributes. They include Cat 3, Cat 5, Cat 5e, Cat 6, as well as Fiber Optic cable. Harden Communications can also equip internal data and phone rooms with data and voice racks, wire managers, cable management systems, patch panels and patch cords. Proper cabling is essential and is designed to support the growth and productivity of your Colorado business communications system for years to come.


Camera security was once considered exclusive to banks, correctional institutions and government buildings. Home security has since become popular and today more and more Denver and Front Range businesses, religious institutions and schools rely on camera security for the safety of their property, personnel, congregations, and students. There are many considerations when choosing the right security system for your needs and to best protect your interests. Light quality, distance, coverage, resolution, simplicity of use and cost of the camera system are all factors that should be considered. The wrong security system for your situation or a non-functioning camera will be of little use in the event that security camera footage is needed.

Hikvision CCTV for Your Colorado Home or Business

Harden Communications is an authorized dealer and installation partner for Hikvision CCTV camera systems. Hikvision is considered as one of the best CCTV security camera systems available at a reasonable price. Hikvision CCTV offers a variety of options for resolution, range and lighting conditions. Hikvision security cameras are compatible with your mobile device so you can monitor your protected property at any time. In order to provide the right security system for your business, Harden Communications will conduct a survey to determine your specific needs.


We are always available to assist you with advice, installation or programming changes, troubleshooting, or in-person assistance. Let us know how we can help!

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