IT and Telecommunications - What Is the Difference

IT and Telecommunications - What Is the Difference

The Main Difference Between IT and Telecommunications

In order to understand the difference between IT and Telecommunications it's necessary to know the definitions.

IT - Information Technology

IT is an acronym for Information Technology. To better understand what Information Technology is, keep in mind that as with most other disciplines, technology is an application of knowledge to a specific science.

Thus, IT is the application of knowledge to the field of information. IT identifies the procedure of electronic control of information that includes programming/coding, PC system(hardware) operations, and other information administration.

The specific area of this technology also means information technology that includes software Tech, web Tech, computer Tech, storage Tech, etc.


Telecommunications or media transmission consists of signals, signs, messages and compositions, as well as pictures and sounds. Telecommunications also refer to knowledge of any nature transmitted by radio, wire, optical or electromagnetic frameworks.

Additionally, Telecommunication technologies or Information and Communications Technology (ICT) are defined as communication technology to include wireless access systems such as those for cell phone communication, satellite communication, etc.

So, there are some links between IT and Telecommunications in terms of outlying relativity such as transmission, symbols, signals and transmissions that combine these two as IT+Telecommunications=(ICT).

Behind the Differences

Telecommunication technologies have left an indelible imprint on modern living. ICT has remodeled and repurposed our concepts of the world and our private lives. It would be difficult, unrealistic and quite inconvenient to exist without these important assets of life.

Yet, there are still people who may not notice these technologies or simply do not know details about them.

Once the differences are understood by the less informed, the basic advantages open a door to a new world of opportunities.

In layman's terms, IT is the platform that helps develop most types of telecommunication equipment we are already familiar with.​

What is meant by the term telecommunications is the simple process of communicating over a broad area that allows us to reach out to others via transmissions such as phone, radio, fax and certain real time computer applications such as Skype which allows users to cross communicate using an actual computer screen.

These means are transmitted through both wired and wireless channels, via optical fibers, radio and other electromagnetic systems and networks such as WiFi and security protected networks like VPN (Virtual Private Network).

It is always easier to understand complex technologies when familiar examples are offered. By keeping definitions simple, technologies and their importance and usefulness become clearer.

So, as you see, everything's simple. Less definitely means more!

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