Breaking Down Optical and Digital Zoom in CCTV Cameras

Breaking Down Optical and Digital Zoom in CCTV Cameras

One of the factors that must be considered when buying a security camera is the zoom. When replaying video, the amount of information you can see will be significantly impacted by the zoom. If a CCTV camera lacks the zoom features you require, you risk failing to record crucial information. There are two types of zoom: optical zoom and digital zoom, and each will yield a different set of outcomes.

Digital Zoom

Digital zoom is the most common type. When using digital zoom, the camera essentially cuts off the image's edges and stretches it to magnify it. The consequence is that the image will typically appear blurry and of low quality because the pixels are being stretched, resulting in a closer view. It is advisable to utilize digital zoom on a camera with higher resolution. High resolution cameras have more pixels, resulting in an image that is clearer and more detailed.

Optical Zoom

Optical zoom is the next type. Optical zoom includes changing the camera's actual lens. A camera's lens moves toward or away from the optical sensor when it is rotated. Objects will appear zoomed out when the lens is nearer the optical sensor. The image will appear zoomed in when it is farther away. Using optical zoom will maintain the image's clarity and detail, in contrast to digital zoom. There are three types of lenses that can be used for optical zoom: Varifocal lenses, motorized lenses, PTZ lenses.

Which One Is Preferred?

The main advantage of using optical zoom is that you may focus on objects that are far away without compromising the clarity of the image. The zoom, however, may only be changed while the video is being shot. You can add digital zoom to already-shot footage, but there's a chance the picture will get blurry. Optical zoom would be a better option if you wanted to use your CCTV camera to record things like faces or numbers because it allows you to clearly zoom in on difficult-to-see features. Digital zoom will work if all you need a security camera for is general monitoring and surveillance.

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