Why Your Denver Business Needs
a Hikvision Camera Setup


Closed-circuit television or CCTV surveillance cameras are a popular choice for commercial camera surveillance systems in Colorado. Harden Communications is a provider and installer of security camera systems offering CCTV and IP surveillance systems and services. CCTV is often used as an umbrella term for security cameras, however, in the true sense of the word, there is a difference between CCTV and IP surveillance systems. It is important to know the distinction when selecting a security camera surveillance system.


CCTV security systems are typically cabled systems that relay the video signal to a DVR. They are self-contained analog systems that do not rely on an internet connection or a cellular signal. They are appropriate for situations in which a high frame rate and detail are not essential. They do not typically offer the features and high resolution that newer IP camera systems provide. They are also not encrypted thus CCTV systems are more susceptible to tampering and infiltration. CCTV camera systems have improved in recent years in terms of functionality and quality of video images.

IP Security systems are web-based (Internet Protocol) systems and are set up on a LAN network. They can be wireless and often provide many features such as remote access, zoom functions, light adjustment, HD resolution, and more. IP security camera systems are the preferred option when variations in light and movement are a consideration. IP security systems are the top choice of companies that require a highly sophisticated surveillance system and have top-level security concerns.

Monitor All Visitors

Every business is based on an extensive infrastructure that has been carefully designed and laid out for people. All hardware and data of businesses are at high risk of invasion by intruders and unwanted people.

While it is impossible to keep a check on every person who comes to the premises manually; the best solution is to install a high-end CCTV camera such as Hikvision security camera systems in Denver, on the premises. This is a helpful measure to keep an eye on thieves, spies, and intruders and make sure they bring no harm to the business in any way.

One-Time Expense

Hiring a security officer to stand outside the office around the clock can be a big expense. There is no point in seeking manual assistance when you actually have the chance to utilize high-end technology for smoother and more efficient results.

Moreover, security cameras offer high-resolution pictures with active motion control and movement detection as well. This also saves you from the extra expense of paying to a security guard on a monthly basis even when security is not 100% guaranteed. Security camera systems in Denver help you to assure security and are a good choice for investment in your business and home safety.

Daily Visual Record

The best part about getting a Hikvision CCTV security camera system in Denver, and having it installed at your place of choosing is that you get the chance to keep a record of daily recording history.

This is always helpful for any future reference and acts as valid proof when needed as well. These cameras are tuned to record everything in form of videos and also capture high pixel quality images for later use as well.

Virtual Presence

The next best thing that security cameras have to offer is that they help the business owner or manager to keep an eye out on every staff member and office employee simultaneously.

It is like being everywhere at the same time without even being physically present. CCTV cameras allow you to be virtually present even when you are physically absent. This is a good way to ensure work efficiency and productivity and to also keep an eye on any unusual activity going in between the employees.

Increase Productivity

There are many benefits to getting a high-quality security camera system, like Hikvision, installed on the premises of your business. One of which is assuring productivity on various levels of the organization.

Since all the employees will be aware of the fact that there is an extra layer of security, there will be little chance that anybody will engage in any illegal act or will be lazy with daily work tasks. Dedication and concentration will eventually lead to increased work productivity, which is only going to benefit the business in the long run.


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