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VoIP VS. Analog or PBX (Traditional Phone Lines)

On a traditional phone line, the line is shared by one caller and one receiver. This has been “good enough” for many decades and may still be adequate for business models that don’t compete in such a way that the phone communication system is the backbone of the business. What might come to mind is a small auto repair shop or a small café. Some large offices still utilize traditional phone systems, but if some employees work remotely, or need to be able to access the communications system on the go, VoIP is quickly becoming the standard. Today most businesses can benefit from the features, flexibility and cost savings that a VoIP phone system provides.

What makes VoIP different? Is it Better?

VoIP is an acronym meaning Voice over Internet Protocol. Therefore, a broadband internet connection is needed where the VoIP phone system is installed.

VoIP systems are operated by software rather than hardware. Phone lines are added, re-assigned, or removed by a few clicks of a mouse, either on site or remotely. This results in cost savings from a service perspective. VoIP systems are also very easy to install. Rather than a maze of phone lines routed to every phone in the building, the phones operate from either from a hard internet connection with an ethernet cable or from wifi.

VoIP is integrated with other office systems and can manage voicemail to email, video conferencing, and a host of many other features.

Frequently Asked Questions about VoIP:

  • Can VoIP phones make and receive calls from traditional landline phones or cell phones? Yes. The signal is routed in the cloud based on the type of system sending and receiving the call. This provides seamless communication to all devices or phone systems.
  • Are VoIP long distance calls FREE? In most cases yes. VoIP calls are placed over the free internet. There may be costs associated with international calls but domestic long distance is free over VoIP phone systems.
  • If the internet crashes, will VoIP phones still function? Internet service is necessary to send and receive calls using a VoIP phone system, however there are back up measures that can be taken in advance. For example, in the event of an internet outage, calls can be automatically routed to cell phones or landlines. Please consult with Harden Communications regarding these measures if failing internet is a concern.

Overall, VoIP is the better option for any business that wishes to be easily scalable and would benefit from the abundance of features and cost savings that VoIP provides.

VoIP Quality, Flexibility and Features

VoIP systems are known for superior sound quality and overall improved functionality. Because VoIP phone systems operate on the internet, they are integrated with offices systems and can be utilized wherever there is a broadband signal. Features may include voice conferencing, video conferencing, mobile access, remote access, voicemail to email, voicemail to text and more. VoIP phone systems are also integrated with your computer’s operating system, enabling computer accessibility (call from your computer) and back-up systems and security measures to be put into place. Servicing your VoIP phone system is easy and can be conducted remotely and quickly by our service technicians.

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