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Do you have the Need for Speed?

Fiber optic internet was recently acknowledged by the Denver Mayor and is set to be implemented in the city’s most valued public resources (read article here)

The speed and security provided by fiber optic internet is an attractive option to Denver and Front Range businesses who operate in industries where speed and high demand for internet access is vital. Such businesses may include the media, entertainment, video developers, and businesses with other high tech capabilities and offerings. In short, if you have the need for speed and have high internet usage, fiber optic internet is the best option available to Denver and Front range businesses.

Just How Fast is Fiber Optic internet?

Although some traditional broadband companies boast speeds of 50mbps, the average speed in the U.S. is in the range of 12 to 20mbps. To put the speed of Fiber Optic Internet in perspective, consider the time it would take to download a 2 hour HD movie. With a speed of 20mbps you are looking at about 32 minutes. With Fiber Optic internet, that same movie can be downloaded in as little as 25 seconds. Although this may seem like overkill for some businesses, consider the time cost and frustration associated with an internet signal that has been pushed to it’s limits by regular business operations. In one study by Sandisk, it has been estimated that the combined loss of time waiting on slow internet speeds can cost a worker up to an entire week of lost productivity.

Most businesses in the U.S. (approximately 85%), use the cloud to store data. Faster internet speeds mean instantaneous access to your data stored in the cloud. Cloud based functions may include CRM systems and SaaS (software as a service) applications.

Is Fiber Optic Internet more secure?

Although we are often inundated with stories about major security breaches within large companies or government institutions, cyber crime and data theft are not unique to these larger institutions, just more newsworthy. Traditional broadband internet puts a company at a higher risk than fiber optic systems for breaches and data theft. Cable tapping is not an option with fiber optic internet as the cable would have to be severed, which would alert the company with an immediate outage. The complexity of breaching fiber optic internet is a major deterrent for any party considering infiltrating your network. Fiber optic internet is also resistant to interference that could be cause by electromagnetic activity or inherent interference resulting from closely shared building space with other companies.

Fiber optic internet cost savings via increased productivity

Harden Communications can consult with you on the cost and availability of fiber optic internet in your area. Cost is relative to various factors, however from a productivity standard, cost savings can be significant. Since so many business systems are internet and cloud based, the overall savings of an internet -based communications system is likely significant. Faster internet speeds provided by fiber optic internet may be necessary to achieve the highest level of efficiency.

Fiber optic internet and HD Video

Video for training, sales presentations and teleconferencing has become a standard day to day practice for most businesses. When one is conducting a video presentation to clients or employees, a lagging internet connection is embarrassing and can ultimately be costly. This can occur via broadband if many employees are using internet-based applications simultaneously or if the guy in cubicle six is catching up on his favorite cat videos on you tube. Fiber Optic internet eliminates this concern.

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