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CCTV Security Systems in Denver. What is the Best Security Camera Option for My Business?


Closed circuit television or CCTV surveillance cameras are a popular choice for commercial camera surveillance systems in Colorado. Harden Communications is a provider and installer of security camera systems offering CCTV and IP surveillance systems and service.  CCTV is often used as an umbrella term for security cameras, however in the true sense of the word there is a difference between CCTV and IP surveillance systems. It is important to know the distinction when selecting a security camera surveillance system.

Here are the fundamental differences between CCTV and IP security systems:

CCTV security systems are typically cabled systems that relay the video signal to a DVR. They are self-contained analog systems that do not rely on an internet connection or a cellular signal. They are appropriate for situations in which a high frame rate and detail are not essential. They do not typically offer the features and high resolution that newer IP camera systems provide. They are also not encrypted thus CCTV systems are more susceptible to tampering and infiltration. CCTV camera systems have improved in recent years in terms of functionality and quality of video images.

IP Security systems are web based (Internet Protocol) systems and are set up on a LAN network. They can be wireless and often provide many features such as remote access, zoom functions, light adjustment, HD resolution and more. IP security camera systems are the preferred option when variations in light and movement are a consideration. IP security systems are the top choice of companies who require a highly sophisticated surveillance system and have top level security concerns.

Harden Communications is a Hikvision Authorized dealer. Hikvision offers the best in class for IP and CCTV security systems in Denver and the Colorado Front Range.

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