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Alarm Security

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Alarm Security for Home or Business

Alarm security systems for home or business are rapidly considered a must- have. In the past, alarm security systems were considered an extravagance reserved for the wealthy home owner or businesses with pricey products that attracted thieves such as jewelry and electronics stores.

Alarm security has since become mainstream with products like Ring security (doorbell cameras), and various over-the-counter solutions. Professionally installed security systems are still considered out of reach for some, but upon researching options you will find that professional installation is not going to break the bank. According to first responders such as law enforcement and fire departments, a professionally installed system is most effective in assisting them in their efforts to protect your life and property.

Alarm systems with cameras offer advanced protection, although external cameras are not a part of every alarm security set up. Security can be applied to doors, windows, and motion detectors can be implemented as well. Security systems have onboard cameras on the control panel. A visual image will always improve your chances of a rapid response and will not be treated as a false alarm, so an external, multiple camera system is highly recommended. Harden Communications, Inc. specializes in Hikvision security cameras.

Harden Communications is certified by and I-View Now and we work with a reputable monitoring services such as Dynamark. We install the most reliable systems ranging from simple, to the most advanced “smart home” set up where your home appliances, climate, lighting and door locks are all controlled from your smart phone.

We stand firmly behind our products and installation. We are always available to assist you with advice, installation or programming changes, troubleshooting or in-person assistance.

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